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What are the advantages of collaboration with a freelancer? You are given the opportunity to work with a translator directly, it favorably distinguishes freelance translators who can insure high standard of accuracy, correct terminology and style, as well as confidentiality of your documents.

Pricing Policy

You can save your money. Low overhead expenses allow me to provide you with my best offer for I do not have to bear the expences of a translation agency. In addition, I do not pay proofreaders, because I am a proofreader and an editor. I am able to check stylistic, grammatical, spelling consistency and integrity of a product subject to translate. There is no need for you to have a full-time translator. You get the most cost effective service when working with a freelance translator or interpreter.

Personalized Service

I can provide you with the most optimum work model in every individual case. I'm ready to consider any stylistic, terminology, terms, and payment means requirements, ensuring that project specifications and your expectations are met.

Widely Spread Range of Services: translations and interpreting from/into foreign languages, web-site and web-page translation and localization, composition and translation of CVs, filling out forms, proofreading, editing, notarization etc. I can also provide you with services exceeding the framework of a common translation agency, such as: search for information, etc.


It is of crucial importance to me that it is convenient for you to work with me, so you can save time for your primary activity and feel, that a document in a foreign language is not a barrier on the way to achieving your goals, but a significant step forward to it.

Privacy Policy

You can be sure, that information provided in your documents and completed translations, including you personal details and contact information, will not be passed over to a third party or used by me. Besides, unlike working with a translation agency, using services of one and the same translator reduces the risk of information being disseminated.


Your translation will be done just in time and when you need it: within a working day and even after it, on weekend and public holidays without delay.

Test Translation Possibility

At your request I'd be glad to do a test translation (up to 1000 symbols) for you to see the quality of my service and for me, in turn, to estimate the cost and schedule the intermediate and final deadlines for the task... I do not use machine translation Just to translate words from one language into other is not difficult at all. A great number of computer translation programs can do it within some seconds, so you are not engaged in search for a translator, paying for the service, waiting for a translation to be competed. But would it really be a translation? Only the experienced and skilled specialist can "feel" the text, choose the appropriate words, word combinations and phrasing.

Easy to get in touch

You can feel welcome email me 24 hours a day 7 days a week.. I hope the additional information on services, rates, placing an order, payment means, presented on other pages of the site will be of interest to you.

Working Language Pairs:

from French into Russian

from Russian into French

from English into Russian

from Russian into English

from German into Russian

from Russian into German


1. Translation from / to a foreign language

2. Interpretation: consecutive

3. Telephone interpretation

4. Translation of web-sites and web-pages from/into a foreign language

5. Introductory translation

6. Notarization of documents (only German and French)

7. Proofreading and editing of translations

8. Filling in forms and applications

9. Composition of business letters and CVs

10. Typing, scanning, printing

11. Search for information, partners, customers, goods

Subject Areas

Economy and Finance, Advertisement, Catalogues, Business Documents, Correspondence, Medicine, Agriculture, Ecology, Legal, Industrial Equipment, Food-processing Industry, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Fiction, Sociology, Telecommunication, Power Engineering, Building and Construction, Customs Documentation

For your convenience and savings on costs my rates depend on text complexity and are split into the following categories:

1. Private Correspondence

If you are in correspondence with a foreign partner or friend and would like to have your incoming and outgoing messages, e-mails, letters, or faxes translated promptly within an hour - I'd be delighted to do that for you.

2. General Subject Texts

These are texts from the Internet, newspapers, magazines or other sources, requiring no external help of a specialist in the given field, and bearing a not specialized content. The basic principle for me when translating such documents is to get an "alive" translation, staying sensitive to lexical meanings, colloquialisms, and terminology, to guarantee that the product is appropriate and appealing to your target users. It's not simply a mechanical context transmission.

3. Specialized Texts Manuals, technical documentation, legal and official documents, company and personal Web-sites, and highly specialized texts are included into this category. When translating such a document I use the help of experts. At customer's desire proofreading and editing of translations can be checked by my colleagues (living abroad, in particular). The complexity and price of the translation are estimated after I review it. And of course, I'll give you a discount for high volume work.


Consecutive interpretation implies pauses in a speaker's speech for an interpreter to interpret the said piece. This variant suits the best when you are on a visit in a foreign country and wish to have a conversation with your foreign friend or partner. It is also used in telephone conversations. I'll be able to ensure your smooth communication and understanding.

Telephone Interpretation

Telephone conversation involves consecutive interpretation if you wish to talk to your acquaintance on the phone. You can have the conversation recorded to play it as many times as you wish. You could also call me to deliver a message to him/her. Your message will be delivered to the person.

Translation of Web-sites and Web-pages from/into Foreign Languages

If you speak one language only, it can turn away your potential customers. Open your business to new markets and customers! I'd be delighted to help you in it by translating your Web-site into Russian. It could be the translation of some materials of a site only or the translation of the whole site, including graphical objects, banners and preserving links between pages. The rates for this service are to be discussed individually. Another option for you when learning a foreign market is to have Russian Web-site translated into your language.

Introductory Translation

If you have not decided yet which part of a text you'd like to have translated or you need to browse through a number of Web-sites to find the necessary information, I can offer you an introductive translation. I review and resume the content and provide you with a generalized or selective translation for you to chose the part you need. The rates for the introductory translation are discussed individually, but of course they'll be lower than normal rates for a detailed translation. This way you save your money and time by getting and paying for that you really need.

Notarization of Documents

A translated document (certificate, diploma, affidavit etc.) can be notarized by a state or private notary. It may be necessary when settling documents for traveling abroad for employment, study or marriage.

Proofreading and Editing

Sometimes you need a "fresh" view on a translation you already have. Do not let a poorly done translation damage the image of your company.

Completion of Forms and Applications

You can send me your form in any way suitable for you (by fax, e-mail). I guarantee the accuracy and exactness of completing your document, and you won't have to fill it out over and over again.

Composition of Business Letters and CVs

I am well-informed about the standards of composing business documents, such as requests, offers, reclamations, etc. You could pleasantly surprise your partner, a potential supplier or customer by writing him in his native language.

Typing, Scanning, Printing

This service is free when ordering a translation. It can also be provided separately.

Arrangement of Visits

I shall provide you with the necessary assistance if you travel to Russia. At your desire, I can arrange an excursion around Moscow.

Search for Information, Partners, Clients or Goods Work Scheme

At your request I'd be glad to do a test translation (up to 1000 symbols) for you to see the quality of my service and for me, in turn, to estimate the cost and schedule the intermediate and final deadlines for the task. You can send me the text for the translation: the source text can be supplied in a format such as .DOC, .TXT, .RTF, .PDF, .HTTML or a usual e-mail message etc. per e-mail, fax.


You can choose a way you want to pay me yourself:

1. Via Western Union - international money transfer system. Your money will be received in 15 minutes. It is the most convenient payment means for you if you are abroad.

2. Via WebMoney system.

3. Bank transfer into my bank account. It is also an option for you, it costs less, but takes up more time.

4. If you prefer other payment means, do not hesitate to contact me and discuss it. I'm ready to consider your requests.

Final Translation Cost

Calculation Rates in the price list are given per word and per page (at your option), which corresponds to 2000 characters. Pricing per page is most commonly used in CIS countries, so if you prefer this option, you are welcome to use it. The volume of a text is estimated as in source text if it is supplied as a text file. This option is the most favorable for you, because you know the final cost from the very beginning. It is a rare practice with translation bureaus and other translation suppliers. You can have the words or character number counted in MS Word or another application supporting this feature. If the text was provided in a non-electronic form, then the volume is estimated as in the target text, i.e. words or characters are counted in the final product. Translation completion time is subject to the number of words and the complexity of the source text.

I am thankful to my clients for confidence. I specialize in delivering high volume work in short time, maintaining high linguistic quality. If you are under a tight deadline the extra charge will be 20%, but if your project is less urgent, you can take the advantage of my rates.

From English into Russian (price per page)

Private Correspondence ₱ __

General Subject Texts ₱ __

Specialized Texts ₱ __

From Russian into English Price per page

Private Correspondence ₱ __

General Subject Texts ₱ __

Specialized Texts ₱ __

From German into Russian (price per page)

Private Correspondence ₱ __

General Subject Texts ₱ __

Specialized Texts ₱ __

From Russian into German Price per page

Private Correspondence ₱ __

General Subject Texts ₱ __

Specialized Texts ₱ __

Extra Services Price

Interpretation ₱ __ / hour

Telephone Interpretation ₱ __ / a call

Notarized Document ₱ __ / a document

Typing in Russian ₱ __ / a page

Typing in English or German ₱ __ / a page

Completion of Forms and Applications

Composition of Business Letters and Resumes ___negociated

Introductory Translation ___ negotiated

Proofreading and Editing __ negotiated

Search for Information, Partners, Customers, Goods __ negotiated Visitor Assistance and Arrangement of Visits___ negotiated

The stated rates are subject to change depending on your requirements, demands, terms, and volume of work.

Translator, Interpreter of Russian, English, German and French languages Name of Company _____________

Place: Moscow

Telephone / Fax + 7

Web-site: www.moslingva.ru

e-mail: moslingva@yandex.ru


1986: State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages, faculty of Romance Languages, Irkutsk, Russia

1994: Post Graduate Study at Iona College, USA, degree: MBA. Join program with Russian Economic Plekhanov Academy for Post-graduate study.

Work experience

1986 - Teacher of German at secondary school;

1994 - "NoyabrskTorgNeft "Ltd, Noyabrsk: translator and interpreter of French, English and German: translation of contracts, technical documentation, leaflets.

2001 - Publishing House”1c: Computer Audit, Moscow: translator of English: texts on economics.

2009 - Publishing Centre PC "Ventana-Graf", editor of Students' Books.

Since 2014: tutor and freelance translator.

Working Language Pairs



French <-->Russian

Russian<--> French



Working Subject Areas

Economy and Finance, Advertisements, Catalogues, Business Documents Correspondence, Medicine, Ecology, Legal, Industrial, Equipment, Oil and Gas, Sociology, Power Engineering, Building and Construction, Customs Documentation

Personal Qualities

Punctual, responsible.

Please, feel welcome to get in touch with me anytime 9 hours a day (9 am to 6 pm ) 7 days a week to place an order, give feedback, or make omments.

Place of residence: Moscow , Russia

e-mail: moslingva@yandex.ru

WWW: moslingva.ru

Fax: +7 495 -

Telephone: +7

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